Monday, June 4, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Party

My baby girl turns two years old on Thursday.  With very limited weekend options, we chose to celebrate my sparkle-eyed little girl on Sunday.  

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is her favorite song.  Plus, it totally describes her personality, so we went for a sparkle theme.  We decorated in hues of gold, silver, and light pink - all glittery, of course.  My Pinterest inspiration board is here.

We allow our children to choose one family to celebrate with, in addition to Ben's family.  Larissa's favorite little friend right now is Maija...we're pretty tickled with her choice as we're in love with this little girl as well.  

Sunday was full of stars, balloons, cupcakes, Mexican food, and lots of love.  --- The Mexican food was simply chosen based on taste, nothing theme oriented ---

Happy Birthday Larissa Claire, my sparkle-eyed baby girl.

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The favors were sparkly pink playdough.

We ordered the cupcakes as cake decorating is my arc enemy 
and my personal cake decorator was out of the country.

I would not have been able to pull this off without the incredible help of Ben.  I had him cleaning, chopping, and caring for the kids to get everything done.  Then, poor guy tells me - after the dozens of stars are glittered - he really, really can't stand glitter. In the end, he put up with our sparkly party...and I learned something new about him in the process.  


  1. Beautiful! Looks like an awesome party! Happy birthday to your little girl.

  2. Awesome party, and awesome photos. It looks like you knocked this one outta the park!

  3. Gorg! Way to go, Ben--so impressive. Amazing job, sis!!


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