Friday, May 9, 2014

A Mother's Day Love Letter

To the best mothers anyone could ever ask for...

Dedicated to
Grandma - Mom Canterbury
Mama - Mom Eby

Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Flower Princess

she is my little flower princess.  

twirling and singing about her day.  

she brings blue skies with her glassy eyes.

then sunshine with her smiling lips.  

she ushers spring with a heart of sweetness.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Carter Turns Five

Carter's eyes are full of wonder.  He questions life, the cogs in the wheel of time.  The why, the where, the how, he must know it all.  My little philosopher.

He helps, jumping in to take responsibility and to have "a job".  He works hard.  He works with passion.  He finishes the job.  He is like Daddy.

Carter loves people.  His favorite is a dinner table full of people in his home.  A classic extrovert, with a heavy heart at each goodbye.

He studies with vigor.  Pressing to read more books, practice more writing, solve new math problems.

Carter is creative.  He expresses himself through imaginative play, map drawings, and colorful art.  His nemesis is the "Monster Mosquito".  An invisible beast blowing lava from it's mouth.

His smile melts me.  I savor each cuddle and the way he still thinks Mommy is a hero.

In all honesty?  He is Daddy's boy.  I am okay with it, and so grateful that Ben invests in my baby boy.  Carter walks in his father's footsteps.  A path I am deeply grateful he follows.

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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Adventures and Exploits

Adventures.  Around every corner I see them.  The same adventures I experienced as a little girl.

He plays the "wave game", running and belly laughing away from each splashing fold.  She picks up seashells, examining each delicate feature.  He fearlessly explores the rock formations, further and further from my side.  She dances with sea foam somehow knowing it's magical properties.   

The only way this scenario could be any richer is experiencing it with a long-time friend.  I am in luck.  My childhood best friend created the most gorgeous brown-eyed, chocolate curled little girl.  She splashes and ventures with my littles.  New exploits for a new generation.  All on the same shore where our imagination ignited.  

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Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

eleven months

s p e a k i n g   l i t t l e   p h r a s e s

p l a y f u l

f i n a l l y   s a y i n g   m a m a

s m i l e y

s i l l y

l o v i n g

These were taken a month ago, I'm just now sharing them.  She has grown so much even in this past month.  But, more on that for her first birthday pictures.  

This little one brings us so much joy.  She is full of trouble, getting into everything possible.  She eats the grossest things, more than our others.  But, she is also so loving and gives the best hugs, complete with back pats.  We're kind of in love with her. 

Eleven months of sweet joy.

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Friday, January 24, 2014

A Merry Little Florida Christmas

This Christmas season is close to my heart.  It is the first time back in Florida for Christmas since I was married, eight years ago.  

A green Christmas might seem strange, to most.  For me, it felt like stepping back in time.  Twinkle lights on palm trees, outdoor nativities, soap sud snow machines, and visits to the beach with a light jacket.  It is home to me.  

Our home has been full of very special visitors of late.  When blogging suffers because of real life, I think that is a good problem.  The pages of this blog can wait.  Memories with friends, family, and little ones are irretrievable.

Here is a sneak into our merry little Florida Christmas, even if it was a month ago.  
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Reading the final page of "The Door Book" (our Advent countdown book)

Juliet worked this Christmas season like a pro. 

Hurrah for a year-round bike season.

Extra cuddles with Grandma and Grandpa.

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